The cross-trainer, more commonly known as the elliptical, has two upright handles and foot pedals. The arms are put into action by simply pushing and pulling the handles. But this does not only engage the arms but the upper torso entirely including the shoulders and the chest. It also has pedals which imitate the movement of climbing up a set of stairs. It works your lower body and glutes. In addition, it is also capable of toning the abdominal region. This is done by simply letting go of the handles while maintaining the pedal work and this would engage the core muscles. Cross-trainers are definitely the equipment of choice for an all-body workout. It is one of the most efficient pieces of fitness equipment in the sense that it workouts almost all key areas of the body in just one fluid motion.

If there is one thing cross trainers is widely used for, it’s to build and maintain endurance and for resistance training. Cross-trainers have been popular in the running world due to its injury prevention and rehabilitation benefits. Runners run the risk of overused joints and muscles which may prevent them from the activity itself. This is a hassle for them because building endurance for long trails or marathons require regular and constant training sessions. Some cannot simply afford to lose a day or two on track. So if you want to pick up or take running more seriously, professionals recommend getting on a cross-trainer instead of hitting the pavement immediately because your body, especially your knees and ankles, are not subjected to the repetitive impact of running. Building your endurance through cross-trainers will help you ease into the sport which means you can eventually enjoy it quicker. The impact on your joints is not as significant as running. As for veteran runners, cross-trainers will help them keep on the rhythm, even on days when running does not seem like an option like during bad weathers or more so, injuries. By mixing in cross-trainer exercises to running, you get to enjoy that runner’s high longer without sacrificing physical limitations.

Speaking of injuries, cross-trainers are also used for rehabilitation and are commonly hired for this reason. In the unfortunate event that an injury does occur, physical therapists recommend hiring cross-trainers by because it's practical to set up in the home and most hire services will set it up for you and the trainer itself helps the body gain back complete mobility without subjecting the body to strenuous condition. Hiring the machine is generally recommended because it can be cheaper if you are not fully committed or do not want to use it long term. Physical therapists also recommend elliptical cross-trainers especially if the injured insists on maintaining fitness progress despite their current inability to get back on track. Due to its all-body workout involvement, it also helps maintain the conditioning so once you heal and regain health, you would not be starting back to square one.

In addition, most use cross-trainers for weight loss. It can burn up to 240 calories every 30 minutes on the machine while simultaneously also toning down areas of the body. It accelerates weight loss but it does not just reduce itself to a cardio machine.

Another amazing use of cross-trainers is that it is one of the most recommended physical fitness equipment for expecting mothers. Its low impact but good coverage movements ensures for a fit pregnancy. Not the same can be said to most machines.

If there is one equipment to actually put in your home, the most suggested option would be the elliptical because you would simply not need anything more, take a look at this website and you will see why ellipticals are one of the most machines in the home. Even if you aren't planning on buying an elliptical cross trainer then you should consider hiring one to help you figure out whether or not the machine is right for you.