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If you’re an aspiring young entrepreneur from Melbourne with a new idea that you think can possibly alter the landscape of this planet, but you just can’t convince people of how good you are, then you’re not alone. Research has it many new ideas are killed in their infancy because they don’t find a proper platform to jumpstart their quest. So what most people do in this situation is to hire the services of a digital agency to promote themselves or their product and service. While this does result in positive outcomes but sometimes the results may not be as desired because of the inefficiency of the marketing agency that will do more harm than good to the business. Therefore, in this article, I will be telling you how to stay clear of these scams and ensure that you hire only the best agencies in Melbourne, Australia.

Due Diligence:

Before hiring any agency or availing the services of these agencies. It is highly crucial that you conduct proper and thorough research on that agency. It is always recommended to compile a list of the ten best digital marketing agencies to make your work easier. Some ways to go about this might be looking through their website content and messaging. Ask yourself if they align with your business. Great digital marketing companies will also maintain and updated industry news section of their site like the news found here in order to act as a resource for potential customers and to demonstrate their expertise. If you look around carefully you may even find some valuable tips you can implement yourself.

Next up, the Google search engine is a good option in this regard because the hits displayed on the results page are usually ranked in order of the most visited sites. Also, you should ask around your friends or social media circle for reviews and feedbacks on each of these agencies. Look at reviews from multiple sources such as both Google and Facebook.


The second best thing to being considered is the cost between the agencies on your list compiled in the first step. Always remember, the more you pay, the better services you will get. However, if you think that an agency is charging in excess than what they should charge, then you should refrain from hiring them. But, you should also consider that if an agency is charging significantly less than the market rate, then you should avoid that agency because the chances are that they are a scam.


Finally, you should keep in mind and look at the qualified professionals in that agency. The more qualified specialists in an agency, the more efficiently they will perform which in turn would be beneficial to your business. As spoken about above, this can be found in their blog and news sections of their website. Keep an eye out for updates on important topics such as the iOS update to Facebook tracking, algorithm updates and general tips and tricks. The fact of the matter is if they are writing about these topics quickly, it shows they are on top of their game.


Overall, I would like to conclude by saying that the points mentioned above are the key factors that you should keep in mind before hiring any SEO agency in Melbourne. There are numerous other factors to consider too but the one’s I have mentioned should be included in every investigation. A good starting point is to do some research and find a company reliable and trustworthy.