When you are getting ready for work, you pack your work clothes, boots and of course, a lunch to keep you going, right? Well, it is a little different for a foreman because he/she needs to keep an entire site going efficiently until the end of the day. so, just what do you pack to keep the work going?

As a foreman, you need to be sure that all your equipment as well as staff get to the various floors safely. Having an ineffective and safe way to access the various levels of your building is one of the most important things in any work site. For this reason, mobile aluminium stairs, modular work platforms as well as loading platforms are necessary to make sure that the work goes on and that every worker who walks in unhurt goes out the same way. Truth be told, having these ladders, stairs and platforms will come at an additional cost but if you can find an aluminium manufacturer such who offer good prices on their safety platforms. Generally however if you need to pay an expense to complete a job then you can factor this cost into the general cost of the project, so you should be fine.

Modular safety platforms and mobile stairs come with a whole lot of advantages too, here are some of them:

  • First of all, mobile stairs fold flat therefore easing the transportation process which is not the case with easily assembled stairs on site.
  • Mobile stairs have a big advantage over straight ladders in that they fold at an angle making them much safer than straight access ladders which can be difficult to secure.
  • Another thing is that tools and equipment can easily be carried up and down the stairs safely rather than backwards which is what happens with ladders.
  • The stairs also fit in perfectly with custom platforms which again, is not the case with ladders.
  • Since the stairs and platforms are made of aluminium, they do not rust or deteriorate over time as steel and wood would especially since the equipment is going to be exposed to the elements over long periods of time.
  • Another notable advantage is that compared to steel, aluminium is much lighter, sometimes less than half the weight of steel.
  • The parts are easily replaceable as the mobile and modular stairs and platforms are made of component form.
  • Mobile aluminium stairs have compact width which allows access to confined areas.
  • When doing maintenance around your site, maintenance platforms like this one are easy to set up, generally taking less than ten minutes to assemble which means they can easily be relocated as needed.
  • The stairs and platforms are self levelling which ensures that they provide access at the exact level even if they are based on a terribly uneven ground.

The thing about these mobile stairs and platforms is that they are extensively tested in the research and development phase so that they can be able to work in any and every situation. From level ground to excavation sites, onto-form work decks to underground bunkers. This way, your employees' and equipment safety is guaranteed regardless of where the job is situated. The stability factor is especially important where excavation is constantly developing since the stairs and platforms can be easily relocated with minimal downtime. They can also be manually operated if the machinery is not able to get to where the work is being done.